Signature Succulent Pocket Square

Signature Succulent Pocket Square


Our signature succulents custom printed onto premium silk crêpe de chine. Tucks well in standard folds but shapes beautifully in loose, spontaneous wraps.

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Our signature succulent print represents our Soft Sands series—made & worn to reflect on the virtues of resilience. 

Composure squares celebrate places for reflection and the stories they inspire. Imagine yourself drifting with the eons, slowly shaping an infinite sea of sand. Inspired by bright and brilliant succulents determined to endure, you might find yourself filling the pages of time with stories like the one below. 

Resilience: A short anecdote

For all he knew the world was just an empty eternity of mesmerizing darkness until one brief moment in the middle of the night when he suddenly knew he was here. And he had memories at his disposal but nothing to make them with. He was a dream.

He learned slowly at first, but as a dream he soon found himself constructing and reconstructing a vast unconscious with ease. He created entire playgrounds: soft fields of pink flowers and stadium-sized schools, castles made from feelings of rain on forgotten summer days. A wondrous mountain to climb just from the memory of her hand on his arm. He made clouds to run through, caverns of ice to traverse with half-remembered friends. This went on for an entire lifetime, or at least an entire nighttime.

…And then something went wrong. Something familiar. But not familiar like a memory — no, he knew those intimately, he knew exactly what each and every one felt like. This was different and it whispered to him like a warm voice from deep within a cold and mesmerizing darkness that he suddenly remembered well. 

In whispers: “your work is finished and you can’t be here anymore..."

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