Roisin Scarf

Roisin Scarf


The Roisin scarf is an infinity scarf in light herringbone wool and soft floral cotton. Ideal for spring, an elegant and appropriate accent whether wrapped once, twice, or simply left to hang. 

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This scarf made and worn to reflect on those in our lives who are committed through and through. For me, someone I call Roisin.

It has taken me a while to come to terms with how I feel about inspiration and motivation, the kind of statements you see on Pinterest & Tumblr in highly-designed typography over imagery that’s just a-little-too-beautiful. On one hand, the ethos and ideas expressed tend to be exactly the same as those expressed by Composure: find yourself, build something meaningful, live an authentic life. On the other hand, they’ve always struck me as lacking a certain sense of…composure, if you will. It occurred to me that my issue with poster-style inspiration is that too many people experience these things as a quick-fix; a series of temporary boosts of mental energy, leaving one always inspired—but never committed. Five-Hour Energy for the soul, perhaps, and maybe just as toxic.

Over the years Roisin, who is sort of in that inspiration world, has helped me think more deeply about inspiration—precisely because she’s been doing what she does over years, with enthusiasm, with focus, and with a kind of dedication I don’t think I’ve seen in anyone else. Her commitment to and enthusiasm for her particular brand of purpose and meaningful work comes out in spades each conversation we’ve ever hadalways the same vision by the way, but always new efforts. With this I find Roisin’s type of inspiration rather palatable, having seen that for her these things aren’t just shiny things to say and share, but a real part of a longstanding mission. A vision that she’s gone on to build strong communities around, in both professional and personal practices—all of which seem natural and authentic efforts for her to be making. I can’t say that I feel that way about everyone I see posting bright and shiny clips; I think what I’ve seen in Roisin’s commitment over years is a rare and unique thing. Roisin has taught me that it is not enough to be inspired; commitment is what makes inspiration real.