Regan Scarf

Regan Scarf


Regan is a scarf in herringbone wool, wine silk, black leather, and antique brass. Ascendant and beautifully singular, the Regan scarf snaps together into a variety of elegant positions.

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This scarf made and worn to reflect on those people in our lives who strive for erudition. For me, someone I call Regan. 

Maybe you can relate to the idea of going to a public track to workout or run because you know that being around faster people will force you to run faster too. This is sort of what it's like talking to Regan. People have told me that I'm intelligent, or that I can think abstractly; Regan is far more intelligent, and she manipulates abstractions like an artist with clay. Every conversation I have with Regan feels like those runs in the park, where maybe it seems like I'm keeping up with the faster runner, a shoulder behind in pretense of not getting too close. I may be able to fool some runners, but Regan probably knows better. 

You sometimes see conversations and article headlines to the effect of "these successful people learned all their skills outside of college—is school even necessary?" It’s the wrong question, but it's worth considering the answer: while all the tools and technical skills required of the work I do now I too learned outside of scholarship, its only through proper erudition that I developed the mindset required to use them effectively. 

Regan was like that runner I saw sprinting past from behind, at a time when an overzealous work ethic in my late teens left me a bit burnt out in college. A time when instead of running I started slowing down, walking almost. Seeing her has inspired me to keep running, motivated to acquire abstract knowledge to intangible ends—ultimately building the mindset I've needed to do the things I work at today. Perhaps you too can find the people who inspire you to keep learning, pursuing the abstract and esoteric, because all the newest tools in the world are of little use without the context and perspective necessary to use them intelligently.