Kendrick Scarf

Kendrick Scarf


Kendrick is an infinity scarf in white floral silk, herringbone wool, and purple floral print. Debonair, even elegant whether wrapped once, twice, or left gracefully to hang.


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This scarf made and worn to reflect on the people in our lives who embody the virtue of determination. In my life, someone I call Kendrick.

I'll never forget the look Kendrick shot me in passing, us running opposite directions on the course of a 10K run. Kendrick and I ran together often; I was a good enough runner but Kendrick had much more stamina and could keep a quicker pace. He was dedicated and disciplined, all which made for good motivation.

One day I decided I was a bit tired of being motivated. I figured on this particular 10K I'd hardly even try; I'd stick around in the back, maybe chat with some equally unmotivated friends while I jogged, half-assed.

This 10K course happened to fold around itself, such that the last half passes by parts of the first. And of course Kendrick was among the first to circle around, passing the rest of us on the return trip. Likely wondering where I was the whole time, when he finally saw me leading the rear he did so with a very particular look on his face. I'm never quite sure precisely how to describe the particular flavor of disappointment he conjured, other than to say that I found myself immediately sprinting up to the front of the race, hoping to somehow summon in the remaining 20 minutes the kind of determination Kendrick had been fostering for 20 years. I didn't catch up that day, and in many ways I'm still trying to. But I know better now than to surround myself with the types who stick around the back. Perhaps by surrounding yourself with people of your own who refuse to quit, you'll find it harder to quit yourself.