Farrell Scarf

Farrell Scarf


Farrell is an infinity scarf in black silk, checkered wool, and purple floral print. Noble when wraped once, ascendant when wrapped twice, distinct when left gracefully to hang. 

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This scarf made and worn to reflect on those in our lives who embody diligence through and through. For me, someone I call Farrell.

I think everyone has a Farrell in their life at some point; Farrell is a tough love kind of guy. Many people are tough or discerning, but a precious few people love or genuinely care. I met my particular Farrell when I was young and arrogant enough to mistake one for the other.

My late teens were marked by a blatant disregard for rules and regulations, a talent honed only by navigating an organization notorious for being built entirely around formal structure. I managed by following rules only insofar as I could get superiors not to notice I was doing my own thing anyway. Farrell was not so easily fooled; he was the kind of guy who’d go out of his way to enforce high standards. At the time I thought he was trying to teach me how to follow rules. It's only later that I realized what he taught me instead is why having standards matters. 

For all the advantages that come along with being fluid and adaptable, looking always at the long game, it’s easy to fool ourselves into thinking that things will work out no matter what we ignore in the short game. The trap is that we get to define our goals, and weak standards make for weak goals. It’s all too easy to settle for weak results. I’ve made that mistake in the past, allowing myself to become lax and lose motivation to keep working hard in the short-term.

When I see myself slip over days or even weeks, thinking things will work out in the end no matter what, I try to remember that its indeed only by holding myself to high standards that I can make the end actually matter.

Farrell's tough love came from his belief that we were capable of work that mattered. Perhaps you too will find that by maintaining high standards in the short-term you can develop stronger goals to achieve in the long-term.