Aela Scarf

Aela Scarf


Aela is an infinity scarf in ultra-delicate creme gauze. Incredibly lightweight, in a royal blue floral print over a snakeskin base.

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This scarf made and worn with those in mind who embody the virtue of composure. For me, someone I call Aela. 

Aela was the reason I started thinking about the idea of 'composure.' Aela has a young son, and one day we were all playing Uno together, four adults and one child. It's the kind of game where the stakes are low; its easy enough to win, but you still want to see everyone do well. Aela's son, he wasn't doing so well. I mean, he was still quite young, so he was still figuring out some of the more complex strategy. And sure enough, a few games in, he looks around at us, sets his cards down, and as his face starts to crumple with emotion out comes in a most endearing voice:

"I think………
I think I'm going to lose again!"

At which point full-on tears just come pouring out. I've got to say it was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. And believe me, in the face of such sheer preciousness you can try to hold your instinctive pity-tinged laughter back, but it is just. too. cute.

Well Aela, she had reached expert level in dealing with this sort of thing. After a simple, "do you need to go upstairs and compose yourself?" he gave a slightly sad but understanding nod and walked up to his room. Fifteen minutes later he's back downstairs, we're in for another few rounds, and life goes on just fine.

I've thought about that episode a lot since. About what it means to compose oneself. It has come to embody an admirable state of calm in the face of misfortune. The ability to ingest one's emotions, to feel them completely, and then to simply move on. Perhaps you too can find the perspective to keep your composure in the face of adversity, uncertainty, and all the other things you're sure to encounter in the pursuit of meaningful work.