Reflection: This week, perspective.

If we are to do our best work in the face of constant uncertainty, perhaps we must first hone our inner virtues as guidance. So here in these notes I'll be reflecting on various themes. This week, perspective. 

Not too long ago Swiss economists Bruno Frey and Alois Stutzer set out to study how people make choices about daily activities. Their research results are captured nicely in this infographic

More of the idea that we're typically poor judges of what will make us happy down the road: the tumblr Future Drama is a likely never-ending collection of shiny imagined futures.

I stumbled onto a tumblr featuring only the headline: "Perspective."
It asks, simply: "Draw a monster. Now, why is it a monster?"

I'll be asking the same of all our self-created monsters. Until then, scarves below.
Cheers, K

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