Reflection: This week, consistency.

If we are to do our best work in the face of constant uncertainty, perhaps we must first hone our inner virtues as guidance. So here in these notes I'll be reflecting on various themes. This week, consistency. 

Maintaining consistency over time is easily the most difficult part of designing the habits that fuel meaningful work. No answers below, but consistency requires perspective—so perhaps there's some to be gleaned anyhow. 

There's much inspiration to be drawn from ceremonies and ritual. I've found it nice to have in mind the 16th century work of Sen no Rikyu, responsible for much of the culture and ritual surrounding tea in Japan.  

A more modern example draws on psychological research to make the case that creativity is a habit, not a talent. The ability to do work that matters can (must!) be cultivated over time

Last year Makeway spoke with small and independent business owners doing smart things to build strong customer relationships. While describing how the music label Ghostly International has grown to be so successful, founder Sam Valenti IV left us with a gem: “I suppose that it’s about consistency. That we are always launching new things, there is never a rest period so to speak. Hopefully we get better with each iteration, which makes the experience better for those involved.” 

As part of my own ritual, the scarves I'm producing are made and worn with individuals in my life in mind, those who embody the virtues I value. I've started simply by telling their stories alongside each scarf. I'll be doing more, later—for now, find both scarves and virtues at

One sign-off now, a consistent many to follow.