Ritual: Practice A Week Of Complete Honesty

Milano,  Brian Grech

Milano, Brian Grech

When we think about honesty, we typically think about objective truth. I've found it helpful to think of it as the ability to articulate the circumstances of our interpersonal lives, despite how complex they may be. This can be more difficult than objective truth, because it requires a sense of self-awareness that doesn't come naturally. It's easier to tell white lies because they let us avoid thinking deeply about why we make the decisions we make. Honesty forces you to know a little bit about the truth but a lot about yourself.

I came across this reflection on honesty recently, from a woman who has spent two years practicing a life without these kinds of lies (http://bit.ly/1lHCHDH). She talks about the internal transformation you go through when you eliminate even minor lies as a crutch in place of thoughtful explanation.

Two years is a strong commitment, though I suspect even just a week will help spark the kind of insight gained by being honest with ourselves and others.

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