A guide to Teotihuacán, Mexico

It's worth taking the time to travel just outside of Mexico City to find the ancient Mesoamerican city Teotihuacán, reachable by tour bus in under an hour's time.

Many of us are at least vaguely familiar with the grand pyramids built here, and some know that the way these structures were built represents a fairly advanced scientific understanding of the earth and its relationships to the nearby cosmos; Teotihuacán's key structures and roadways align with positions and cardinal directions derived meticulously from the movement of heavenly bodies. Even the pyramids themselves mimic the surrounding geography, as if the people building them were literally trying to recreate the work of nature. 

It's probably for this reason that a lot of people have the lingering notion that Teotihuacán was a city built by the Mayans; many people in our part of the world casually regard the Mayans as the perhaps the most advanced civilization of the pre-scientific world. But Teotihuacán wasn't built by the Mayans. Only hundreds of years after the city collapsed did the Mayans come across its ruins, humbled by what they saw as a civilization that seemed so advanced that they must have been near-gods. 🔮🙏