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A Guide to Closing the Gap

On evenings like this one you get to appreciate the wait; for a short handful of songs this young musician found a small but captivated audience on the distant side of an otherwise impossible gap. 

A Guide To Reflective Preparation

2016 came at us slowly at first and then all at once.

Many of the people I've been around found themselves wondering how to deal with the vertigo of a year that took all kinds of expectations and turned them upside-down at a dizzying pace.

Although many find themselves on edge during the holiday months, sharing space with extended family coming from completely different worlds, there's a calm patience that comes with reflective preparation for the coming year.

And I think we can savor the delicate moments that come with visiting family, even the difficult ones. There's a word used by group of people indigenous to Papua New Guinea to describe the lingering emptiness that fills a home once visitors leave; their word awumbuk is an attempt to capture the lack of luster that echoes in the air once people close to us depart to return home. It comes with a distant consideration of pointlessness; what is life if we can't contrast it against those who share at least some similar history with our own? 

With patient preparation, we get to chose how we share 2017 with those like and unlike us as well.


Model: Whitney Bryan