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The divide

Taken while wandering through a growing (gentrifying) neighborhood in Philadelphia. 

Every once in awhile I think about a now-old Quartz article; at the time something had been brewing in my head and clearly in others' as well, because they articulated it so nicely right there in the headline: The Secret to the Uber Economy is Wealth Inequality

"The conventional narrative is this: enabled by smartphones, with their GPS chips and internet connections, enterprising young businesses are using technology to connect a vast market willing to pay for convenience with small businesses or people seeking flexible work.
This narrative ignores another vital ingredient, without which this new economy would fall apart: inequality....In my hometown of Mumbai, we have had many of these conveniences for at least as long as we have had landlines—and some even earlier than that. It did not take technology to spur the on-demand economy. It took masses of poor people."

Stay humble, fellow travelers 🙏🔮