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Subtle magics, complex silences
"Sharp feelings deserve blurred edges"

—@composure_black // 24 August 2016


While exploring a riverside corner of Brooklyn we found this small nook perfectly catching sunset rays. By the time Océane and I set up for the shoot it was colder than expected, but we really wanted the light so we didn't mind working through the cold. When your goal is clear you get to choose what matters—and what's fine being sent to a blurry periphery. 

"Subtle magics, complex silences"

—@composure_black // 12 December 2016


Sometimes it's easy to go overboard with flashy extravagance but then again sometimes just enough is magic 🔮💫. As patient explorers we all have these tiny lights buried somewhere within; our job is find them and to articulate them well, letting them shine. This subtle yet brilliant self-awareness is a worthy pursuit, and a good excuse to bring glitter to an otherwise dramatic scene. 

"Tiny lights buried deep within"

—@composure_black // 30 November 2016

Model / MUA: Océane Hooks-Camilleri
Featured: Black Succulents Series Scarf


André: The thing about photography is that people have always had cameras. Even when Kodak’s first camera came out, they made things really simple, they were like, “Buy this camera and put in the film, give it to us and we will do the rest.” It’s never been really hard to physically make pictures. The point is, most people don’t see anything. So I think people are confused and are like, “Oh everybody has a camera.” Yeah, anybody can take a picture but not everyone has a vision. 

Culture Crush, There is Freedom In Manhattan

Even if I never sold a single scarf I'd still very much savor the slow & still-developing vision that Composure is teaching me to see over time 🔮


"Just another social network"

I've been planting more seeds over at Ello, getting noticed by their fashion curator and black & white curator. Ello can't yet match the sheer volume of attention I can generate through targeted hashtags on instagram, but it's a nice niche that I can fill with non-scarf images—and will use later to connect with people to work with on future Composure lookbooks. The set above is from working with Rebekah during a fantastic sunrise shoot. I'm looking forward to more. 

For as much as people joked about Ello being yet another social network, Ello has been quite smart about honing in on a very particular kind of audience. Sounds like they know a thing or two about becoming a distribution hub 🔮💫