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One of the guys I've know the longest in the city. Dreams the way we all should dream, can work any room with a negotiator's deft hand, and is unashamedly free in all the ways we often are not. You can wake up with a fire in your eyes, as with all dreams crashing finally into the shore, and under which glance of which star, it hardly seems to matter 🔮🙏

Songs that flourish in the rain

A friend Dante asked if I would capture the story of his engagement to his girlfriend, having planned a surprise moment along a waterside they both knew and loved. The weather wasn't as perfect as anticipated, but some songs flourish in the rain 🔮🙏   

Under The Soft Gravity Of A Distant Moon

Composure is a subtle feeling, like the soft gravity of a distant moon as it makes its endless waves. In this series with Océane we used prisms and mirrors to gently bend light and shadows, hoping to capture some of the poetry that comes with space between inner and out perspective. 🔮🙏 

A Patient Explorer's Guide to Retracing

I grew up around snow in the mountains of Salt Lake City, and I've always liked fresh fields of snow. I have these blurry recollections of being with my brothers in snowbanks that feel like they never ended, at least in memory. Other blank canvases feel dauntingly permanent, like a new notebook waiting for whatever first & everlasting words are scratched ungracefully across. But snow is impermanent, and it'll come again. Your footprints will last for maybe a few days, etched only into ice like a brilliant and beautiful memory that has been layered over once and then and over and then over again. Which makes it all the more important to at least try to occasionally retrace impossibly lost steps, reflecting on places we've been and time we shared with others, all like it never ended, even in memory.

"First you’re effervescent snow, then you’re the endless ocean"


recommended scarf: Constellations Series
model: Deborah Han


Subtle magics, complex silences
"Sharp feelings deserve blurred edges"

—@composure_black // 24 August 2016


While exploring a riverside corner of Brooklyn we found this small nook perfectly catching sunset rays. By the time Océane and I set up for the shoot it was colder than expected, but we really wanted the light so we didn't mind working through the cold. When your goal is clear you get to choose what matters—and what's fine being sent to a blurry periphery. 

"Subtle magics, complex silences"

—@composure_black // 12 December 2016


Sometimes it's easy to go overboard with flashy extravagance but then again sometimes just enough is magic 🔮💫. As patient explorers we all have these tiny lights buried somewhere within; our job is find them and to articulate them well, letting them shine. This subtle yet brilliant self-awareness is a worthy pursuit, and a good excuse to bring glitter to an otherwise dramatic scene. 

"Tiny lights buried deep within"

—@composure_black // 30 November 2016

Model / MUA: Océane Hooks-Camilleri
Featured: Black Succulents Series Scarf