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A guide to Pilsen, Chicago

Every city has corners near the margins where overlooked groups find their home. One of those corners in Chicago is the neighborhood of Pilsen, named by it's first Czech inhabitants, shaped more recently by the rich influence of hispanic immigrants, now shared with younger faces of rising counterculture. It's a place where the streets are a mix of vintage apparel and records shops, Spanish language bookstores and carnicerias.

A group of kids leave the National Museum of Mexican art with eyes still wide with wonder, soon joining a few others at a corner popsicle store. A man in a grey hoodie sets a new playlist in an underground streetwear store, looking out the window onto the coming sunset. Soon after a man follows a neon sign down from one of those brass-lined cocktail bars with all the trimmings, descending into the dark hallway entrance of a dance floor. 🔮🙏