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Scenes from the eclipse // NYC

Strangers finding common ground. Disparate eyes, all equally wondrous. Cyclists still unimpressed. 🔮🙏

A Guide To Brooklyn Heights

You can live in New York for years and not spend enough time in all it's storied corners. The actor Charlie Solis and I spent a morning in Brooklyn Heights, a place I hadn't yet explored as much as I should have. Flanked by the East River and running against the Brooklyn Bridge, it's a neighborhood that overlooks some of the most beautiful parts of the city. For Charlie it was a first home in New York, full of memories collected as he was studying film. He tells me about the reconstructed Hotel St George, once a see-and-be-seen lounge for early 20th century celebs, still a centerpiece of the neighborhood. And the Clark Street subway, dug so deep that it's accessible only by elevator. We walk along the elevated promenade overlooking the river, the Manhattan skyline in full view. In a map drawn from memory, Charlie captures Brooklyn Heights's charmed landmarks, surrounded by streets named Pinapple, Orange, and Love Lane. 

(Here I asked Charlie to draw me a map of Brooklyn Heights as he remembered it)

Keep words loosely connected, so that they can drift apart like a beautifully sad song

Scenes from Bryant Park, NYC, 2016 🔮🙏 

Passing // Scenes from New York City

New York is a city where everything happens to always be in exactly the right place
At exactly the right time
It’s an incredible phenomenon that is easy to overlook
Of course sometimes you might notice a bike messenger drifting effortlessly past
But probably not the candle stowed away in her bag
The one that is mixed with just the right blend of bergamot
And cardamon
And whatever it might mean to have ozonic notes in its floral sensibilities
It won’t be immediately obvious that not too long ago she was in an overfilled fragrance store That you do not know about
Or that soon enough she will be in some drooping entryway that you will likewise never pass through
So it will be impossible for you to see the relieved satisfaction of that entryway’s rather eclectic custodian
Or to know exactly why he has developed such a particularly refined distaste
For the scent of whatever it is that can be remedied only with bergamot and cardamom and ozonic notes in floral sensibilities
But it is this custodian
(And really all the messengers)
That I think of when the sun tucks itself away into this afternoon corner of the city
Casting a patient muted glimmer across each road
Letting us all know that we are in exactly the right place
At exactly the right time. 

A Guide to Closing the Gap

On evenings like this one you get to appreciate the wait; for a short handful of songs this young musician found a small but captivated audience on the distant side of an otherwise impossible gap.