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Sarah is the smart woman behind Loyal, a unique consultancy focused on building community experience for brands of all sizes. I told her a few years ago that to mind my she's the only one talking about brand-building in such a unique & smart way; some context: for a long time "community" was just something most businesses bolted onto their existing operations. And honestly that's still the case today; I told her last week that I still think she's one of the only ones talking about community the way she does. She's long been making the case that's similar to what want to say about "world-building": the world you build and the community that it fosters is the business. 

Anyway, Loyal has an ongoing newsletter with some very smart readers, and I'm proud to have curated the most recent one.  It features Composure thoughts on world-building as well as the incredible people and business models that inspired them—Ghostly International, Method, and others. Take a look here, subscribe to the ongoing series if you too are hoping to build the sort of brand that thrives with a strong community of customers. 🔮