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A Guide To Venice, Los Angeles

A morning in Venice is one part kaleidoscopic geometry and one part oceanside mist. There are new kinds of calm that come with discovering a canalside walk where rowers glide by. And there's a "May Grey" that covers westside LA days in a thin layer of sun-dusted clouds crossing the sea each year, painting each scene in a ghostly warm-blue glow. 🔮🙏 

A Guide To Culver City, Los Angeles

Culver City is the result of blending a history steeped in the film industry's first early boom with the youthful vibrance of neighboring Venice & Santa Monica. Here you'll find both the simple peace of slow solitary brass and bright summer produce; modern geometries and rainbow-soaked walls. Just past the historic architecture of City Hall, pockets of light shine through draping ivy on The Platform—LA's newest collection of creative independent shops, where one can leave satisfyingly full on tacos and ice cream crafted in novel culinary combinations.