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An Explorer's Guide to Finding Home

When Rebekah and I first started working together we turned to the odd little dictionary Wordstuck to find a mood that fit us both. Some rare expression that would capture something unique about our shared stories.

It turns out that we met through a mutual fashion-world friend, who I in turn had only met by chance at an event hosted by a collective of independent designers. It was a series of otherwise fleeting circumstances, the kind that I've learned to appreciate and savor as part of being here in New York City—a place where rare combinations of disparate people end up being just common enough.

We landed on an iconically Welsh word "cwitch," a word used to capture that warm sense of finding home.  

I left the home I grew up in when I was young (17!) and found it natural to develop a different kind of home-ness in the people I was around. Between time spent in military intelligence school at Arizona, active duty in Kuwait, college in Georgia and a handful of other small landings, I ended up in a lot of places temporarily.

But being in New York has come to feel like something new, something warm, something found. It's only been here that I feel like I can have the chance encounters that let me explore and build Composure in ways I never expected, where seemingly disparate connections are made like magic.

We thought it entirely appropriate to meet at the Brooklyn Bridge, at the dawn of first a day and now a new year with plenty of magic ahead. 🔮💫

A Patient Explorer's Guide To Waiting

Once every calm moment or so our subtle movements are perfectly aligned with the thousands of passing strangers that briefly surround us all

A Guide To Reflective Preparation

2016 came at us slowly at first and then all at once.

Many of the people I've been around found themselves wondering how to deal with the vertigo of a year that took all kinds of expectations and turned them upside-down at a dizzying pace.

Although many find themselves on edge during the holiday months, sharing space with extended family coming from completely different worlds, there's a calm patience that comes with reflective preparation for the coming year.

And I think we can savor the delicate moments that come with visiting family, even the difficult ones. There's a word used by group of people indigenous to Papua New Guinea to describe the lingering emptiness that fills a home once visitors leave; their word awumbuk is an attempt to capture the lack of luster that echoes in the air once people close to us depart to return home. It comes with a distant consideration of pointlessness; what is life if we can't contrast it against those who share at least some similar history with our own? 

With patient preparation, we get to chose how we share 2017 with those like and unlike us as well.


Model: Whitney Bryan

Subtle magics, complex silences
"Sharp feelings deserve blurred edges"

—@composure_black // 24 August 2016


While exploring a riverside corner of Brooklyn we found this small nook perfectly catching sunset rays. By the time Océane and I set up for the shoot it was colder than expected, but we really wanted the light so we didn't mind working through the cold. When your goal is clear you get to choose what matters—and what's fine being sent to a blurry periphery. 

"Subtle magics, complex silences"

—@composure_black // 12 December 2016


Sometimes it's easy to go overboard with flashy extravagance but then again sometimes just enough is magic 🔮💫. As patient explorers we all have these tiny lights buried somewhere within; our job is find them and to articulate them well, letting them shine. This subtle yet brilliant self-awareness is a worthy pursuit, and a good excuse to bring glitter to an otherwise dramatic scene. 

"Tiny lights buried deep within"

—@composure_black // 30 November 2016

Model / MUA: Océane Hooks-Camilleri
Featured: Black Succulents Series Scarf