An Explorer's Guide to Finding Home


When Rebekah and I first started working together we turned to the odd little dictionary Wordstuck to find a mood that fit us both. Some rare expression that would capture something unique about our shared stories.

It turns out that we met through a mutual fashion-world friend, who I in turn had only met by chance at an event hosted by a collective of independent designers. It was a series of otherwise fleeting circumstances, the kind that I've learned to appreciate and savor as part of being here in New York City—a place where rare combinations of disparate people end up being just common enough.

We landed on an iconically Welsh word "cwitch," a word used to capture that warm sense of finding home.  

I left the home I grew up in when I was young (17!) and found it natural to develop a different kind of home-ness in the people I was around. Between time spent in military intelligence school at Arizona, active duty in Kuwait, college in Georgia and a handful of other small landings, I ended up in a lot of places temporarily.

But being in New York has come to feel like something new, something warm, something found. It's only been here that I feel like I can have the chance encounters that let me explore and build Composure in ways I never expected, where seemingly disparate connections are made like magic.

We thought it entirely appropriate to meet at the Brooklyn Bridge, at the dawn of first a day and now a new year with plenty of magic ahead. 🔮💫