Even back in the first volume of the newsletter series, focused on virtues, I found myself running into a lot of indie games in my research. Back then my thinking wasn't as focused on what I've now been calling "worldbuilding," but it makes a lot of sense that the projects I was drawn to were naturally about creating worlds in the form of games to "play." 

It also makes sense that the introductory issue of Volume 3, a series explicitly about mini worlds, features a game designer. Joe was kind enough to send me the below list of others in his circle, which I'll be exploring with enthusiastic interest:

  • @loremschmidt makes beautiful glitchy small games, also @neon_mask and @alienmelon
  • @kittyhorrorshow makes ambient kind of weird lofi horror games
  • @hyparc (Mitch Alexander) is a scottish game developer who made a gay orc dating sim called Tusks
  • @ultimaregum makes a game which generates whole cultures, religions etc. each time someone plays. 
  • @thomasnoppers makes pixel art games with robots, and also makes paper craft versions of the characters
  • @bravemule Kevin Snow made a great unreliable narrator game based in Slavic folklore, called the Domovoi

Probably related: Kickstarter is hosting their first ever indie game festival, Ghost Arcade. If it's anything like the Kill Screen Festival, it'll be one of my favorite events of the year.