Commitment, featuring Avi Loren Fox of Wild Mantle

  The warm embrace that comes with finding & pursuing one's unique role—this is  Wild Mantle .

The warm embrace that comes with finding & pursuing one's unique role—this is Wild Mantle.


Wild Mantle is a line of hooded scarves and clothing called "mantles," built around ideas of empowerment, sustainability and adventure. Each mantle is a call to commitment, to find and be empowered by one's unique responsibility. 

Avi Loren Fox, designer, on how Wild Mantle embodies her idea of the life well-lived: 

To me, the most beautiful rendition of our world is one where everyone is living an empowered life, in touch with their inner truth, connected deeply with a purpose and work that they love. The ancient word "mantle" not only means a loose fitting hood or cloak, it also means one's role or responsibility in the world. While I've updated the design from what mantles used to look like, I've drawn on this word as a symbol to invite each wearer to think about, discover, and take up the mantles of their own life.

Wild Mantle is about feeling cozy and safe, but also confident and courageous. Our customers and fans love the idea of the "mantle life" and send me emails almost every day about how much they love their mantles, how beautiful they make them feel, and how much the mantle brings them courage on their life's journey. This surprised me at first, but over the last few years I've come to realize that the mantle has a certain magic to it and I'm really excited to see how it spreads throughout the world in upcoming years.

From the start, I've chosen to produce our mantles right here in the USA. This was important to me because I knew that, in the stitches of each hood, Wild Mantle would be encouraging and supporting the growth of American craftsmanship and artistry, rather than sending this work abroad. We make all of our mantles at a B-Corporation antique and artisan Knitting Mill in Longmont Colorado, creating fair wage work and bring life back into the clothing manufacturing industry. 


On the inspirations behind Wild Mantle:

Wild Mantle was built on an ethos of adventure, empowerment and sustainability. Here are my main inspirations for these three elements: 

— ADVENTURE: "Peter Pan" and "The Golden Compass" are two books that embody that epic/whimsical nature of adventure we live into as kids, and truly should not forget as adults. These two tales greatly influence my designs and how I want my customers to feel when they wear my pieces. 

— EMPOWERMENTJosie Maran's IMAGINE Campaign I took the Empowerment Workshop with Josie as my teacher and it was the first step in a transformative journey that not only led me to start Wild Mantle, but also to establish empowerment as an important part of the company's ethos. 

— SUSTAINABILITY: I read this New York Times Magazine Eileen Fisher article just as I was making my first mantle, and Eileen's story not only made me realize that I could turn this project into something bigger, but also that I could use my company as a tool to help shift manufacturing in a more sustainable direction in the materials and labor that I selected. 

Each issue we feature creative entrepreneurs bringing artistry and beauty into the world through strong inner perspective. The kind rallying strong customer relationships around a shared vision of the life well-lived.

I'm particularly excited to finally feature Avi and her mantles here; I first ran into Wild Mantle through an early Kickstarter they produced and was immediately excited about the shared vision and ethos. Wild Mantle is now launching a first-ever summer collection through a new Kickstarter campaign, continuing to grow with the support of inspired customers.

As a business strategy, serial crowdfunding is a model I have a lot of respect for, and one that frankly not every business can really do justice. Wild Mantle is one of those few businesses—I'm more than happy to share what they're doing here and encourage you to as well.


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