Remembrance, with Sarah Schiear of Salt House

A gentle reminder of home, both inside and out. This is  Salt House .

A gentle reminder of home, both inside and out. This is Salt House.

Salt House is a studio and shop with a modern take on the serving apron, built to inspire connection amongst food, people, and objects. The Salt House world encourages experiences that allow us to appreciate shared moments with others, and reflective moments with ourselves—a remembering of home in all its forms.

Sarah Schiear, chef & designer:

Salt House makes the world a more beautiful place by offering items and experiences that add joy to our everyday lives. The aprons embody a sense of artistry in the way they are designed to fit a woman's body and to make her feel beautiful. Salt House expresses my idea of a life well-lived; it's about creating a space that makes you happy. Life is short; why not fill it with things and experiences we love? There are so many memories and happy moments that can be created in the home, from preparing a meal and serving it in our favorite pieces to appreciating a beautiful chair that we love to read on. It's a lifestyle that begs to be savored.

Her perspective from: 

Merci - This Parisian concept store was a huge inspiration for the future vision of Salt House. It's a place that makes you feel good, that you want to spend time at. 

The Untethered Soul - It's so easy as an entrepreneur to attach ourselves to our work, and this book helps to break that down. It's about separating the true self from the ego, and stepping through fear to get to the other side––where it doesn't exist. 

Meditation - For creatives (and I believe we are all inherently creative), it's especially important to allow space into our minds so that we have the room to create. I meditate daily, and it has changed my life. All we're talking about is 20 minutes of mindfulness a day. It's about being self-aware, not emptying the mind. In time, your mind quiets; it's really about teaching it a new trick. 

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