Connection, featuring Beth Weinstein of OnlyAtoms

  Stars finding one another from distant worlds—this is  OnlyAtoms

Stars finding one another from distant worlds—this is OnlyAtoms

OnlyAtoms is a line of quality fitness gear designed by runners in Brooklyn. Behind the brand is the idea that we’re all only atoms bouncing around this world for a limited time—we should spend that time moving forward & being happy doing what we love.

Beth Weinstein, designer, on the vision behind OnlyAtoms: 

I spent a good part of my career getting garments made in large factories in mass quantities in factories all over Asia, India and SE Asia. While there’s nothing “wrong” with the fact there’s mass production of products in our world, I knew there was something broken – the system, the mindset of modern mindless consumption, the way humans were consuming and wasting. I struggled with the contradiction of loving what I did for a living, but helping bring more “crap” to the planet.

OnlyAtoms allows me to combine my love for running/fitness and knowledge in garment development to bring a well-designed, high-quality, locally made, cool running brand to life. In a world of fast fashion and trendy athleisure wear, much of it made as fashion over function, and cheaply made by mass brands, our goal is to craft The Perfect Running Shorts for both Men and Women. To serve runners with a great timeless classic running short you can depend on. Function and comfort come first in our running gear. One should be able to run a marathon comfortably, with all you need fitting into the two big pockets – one with a premium YKK zipper with reflective tape, manufactured in Japan.

On quality and craft

Doing product development and sourcing for a high-end designer, I also knew about quality vs. quantity. Some might argue that craft and high quality doesn’t matter with running/fitness clothing. But if anything it’s more important because for many of us, fitness is a huge part of our lives – it’s our top passion in life. If you run or work out 3-6x a week, you wear, sweat in, and wash your running clothing more often than shirts you wear to work. 

Also, being an endurance runner who worked in fashion, I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find a “perfect” running short that fit great, was comfortable, had a functional zip pocket, but also looked good. After running for 12 years with no luck, I made them. 

OnlyAtoms stands for easy, uber comfortable, truly functional, with an understated, sleek style. All while feeling good about the intention and quality that went into making the product. Running gear that stands for more – it’s about wearing your values.

On the inspirations behind OnlyAtoms:

- Quantum Physics, the Sun, Moon, Stars & Cosmos:
Obviously there’s a reason I chose a quirky name like “OnlyAtoms” for a running brand. I found a deep side of existence through running. I’ve always been into science, spirituality, quantum physics, energy, matter, neuroscience, meditation and so on, but it all tied in together after trying to understand why I loved running so much — how the wonderful meditation state one felt when running could be brought into every moment of life, and how connecting with our hearts and opening up to other humans on a deeper level could bring pure joy and peace to our everyday existence.  typ

- Brands changing the conversation and business models around how we buy/manufacture clothing: 
Everlane (transparency in manufacturing); Outlier (clean design; high quality); Bonobos (earlier leaders in “direct to consumer”); Eileen Fisher (shows how a “bigger” brand can truly commit to sustainability, not just greenwashing or a PR stunt like most other big brands do); Nasty Gal (alternative became mainstream). 

- People and companies whose work and business success truly comes from their heart:
Tom X Lee of One Medical Group (a longtime mentor and close friend); Matt Brimer of General Assembly & Daybreaker (long story, but someone said something about him that changed my life, basically it was “work from the heart and success will follow”).

...And Burning Man. 

And (almost) everything coming out of Brooklyn.

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