Direction, featuring Zeb Dropkin of Northbooks

A compass within, self-awareness drawn beautifully on a blank slate. This is  Northbooks .

A compass within, self-awareness drawn beautifully on a blank slate. This is Northbooks.


Northbooks are a line of quality notebooks—proudly designed, sourced, and made in the USA. Simple and well-considered, inspired by the idea that true north lies within.

Zeb Dropkin, maker:

Our top job at Northbooks is to make notebooks that get out of the way, so that writers, list makers, dreamers, doodlers, artists, and anyone armed with a pen can enjoy writing and drawing. We cut out bells and whistles in favor of high quality materials paired with durable craftsmanship. 

If your mobile phone is carbs, then Northbooks are protein.  I think the world is a little better for having more writing and working out our brains without a screen. Everybody has a smartphone, and everybody should have a notebook, too. Stretching our analog muscles with ink and paper helps us think and retain information in ways that our online devices can’t. 

My idea of a life well lived is one that is well traveled, filled with kindness and laughter, and persistently seeking to grow. Northbooks aim to be elegant, dependable, and accessible partners that help us create, cultivate, and reflect on a life well lived. 


His inspiration from:

Old Mans Surf Report
I began surfing at the end of 2015. It’s true what they say, better late than never. The link is to the spot where I learned to surf in Bali. I would check this everyday and learn to read the tides and wave quality like a new language.

25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago
You know when someone gets what you’re trying to say and says it better? I usually hate advice lists. But I really vibed with this one. Some of the points I’m living, and the rest I’m working on.

Ghost in the Shell
Yea, I geek out on sci-fi and this anime is one of the best of all time for me; the story wrestles with technology and the cyberization of humans. Spielberg is even involved in a live-action version now. 

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