Confidence, featuring Marissa Vosper & Lauren Schwab of Negative Underwear

A lens through which to focus, seeing ourselves clearly in spite of the world's many distractions. This is  Negative .

A lens through which to focus, seeing ourselves clearly in spite of the world's many distractions. This is Negative.

Negative is an underwear brand with an eye for essential elements—considered, but uncomplicated. Negative recognizes that it's all too easy to turn to the superfluous as a way to distract from what matters: the virtues of knowing and appreciating oneself, completely. Their ethos comes to life in initiatives like #supportthegirls, a collaboration that celebrates body positivity through confidence expressed by women of all types.

Marissa Vosper & Lauren Schwab, founders:

In an industry heavily dominated by one, very specific definition of beauty (or sexy), our goal is to show a different picture—one that celebrates women as they are, one that defines beauty as confidence + comfort in your own skin. 

From a product design perspective, we believe that less is more: that when you strip away all the bows, bells and whistles typically slapped on a bra for superfluous / aesthetic reasons, and instead focus on craft + details—the quality and luxurious feel of the component parts that remain—you can make something minimal and exceptional. In other words: doing the basics brilliantly, which is actually quite complex. 

It is our goal to help women feel amazing every day—to create a line of luxurious intimate basics that women truly love and feel proud to wear (ironically unique in our category). 

Their perspective from: 

Brands like Céline, The Row, Mansur Gavriel, MUJI (among others)—we're always trying to strike that balance of pared back but not boring. Minimal doesn't have to mean unsophisticated: 
The Row
Mansur Gavriel

An effortless edge
Negative was born out of an independent, irreverent spirit; it's underwear after all, it doesn't need to be so serious! We look to people and brands that capture that effortless cool factor and still maintain a sense of humor: 
Acne Studios
Into The Gloss
Alexandra Spencer
Linda Rodin
Alexa Chung
Joan Didion
Diane von Furstenburg

Intelligence / smart is beautiful
In the world of luxury fashion, focusing heavily on the business smarts could be seen as counterintuitive. But we think it's exactly the point—we care as much about function as we do about aesthetics. Going against the grain is part of our hybrid DNA. Some brands we think embody this philosophy:
Warby Parker

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