Consideration, with John Tarantino of Martenero

A reason to bring our art and hold it to the light of the world. This is  Martenero .

A reason to bring our art and hold it to the light of the world. This is Martenero.

Martenero designs customizable mechanical wristwatches, working with watchmakers in New York. A delicate balance of gears, springs, and weights, gently reminding us to respect the scarcity of time

John Tarantino, founder:

We're trying to create beautiful pieces that people love wearing. After all, watches are wearable art. They don't sit in someone's apartment or hang on the wall for someone to enjoy privately; they are worn and exist in the world. We also make our pieces as clean as possible, focusing on nailing the details and offering interesting colorways. Nothing extra that doesn't need to be there.

Martenero features great design with customized options. A lot of people like to customize what they're wearing. They can buy custom suits, custom shirts, custom sneakers with Nike ID...why not custom watches? With a degree of choice in the process people tend to feel more attached to the item.

His perspective from: 

Nomos Watches

My favorite watch brand (other than my own of course). They do such a good job of creating world-class timepieces, presented in a fun, whimsical manner. 

Aether Apparel's Photography

Their products are great, but what first got me hooked on this brand is their photography. Gorgeous photos, particularly of winter landscapes

Julien Smith - The Flinch

This book hit me harder than possibly anything I had read to date. Make yourself uncomfortable; grow stronger, accomplish more. Doing the things suggested in this book helped give me the push necessary to start my own company.

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