Playfulness, with Yoshimi and Shawn James Seymour of Lullatone

Softly wandering melodies drifting slowly between the seasons. This is Lullatone. 

Softly wandering melodies drifting slowly between the seasons. This is Lullatone

Lullatone is a creative duo that produces musical albums, playful videos, and are even a part of a children's TV show in Japan. Crafting beyond purely musical performances, the've recently created the webapps Typatone and Patatap, which introduce elements of whimsy and melodic charm into the simple act of typing. 

Yoshimi and Shawn, musicians:

Basically we really want to make the world a more playful place. We hope our projects like typatone and patatap let people interact with the tools around them every day (writing emails and using the internet) in a way that feels special and inspiring.

With our albums, we want to soundtrack all of the little overlooked magical moments in a normal day. Sometimes listening to the right songs makes you feel like you are in a movie, and that can really change the way you feel about a situation.

Their perspective from: 

Bruno Munari’s essays are a constant source of inspiration. So many good ideas but presented in a really warm and sometimes funny way.

Casey Neistat’s homemade story telling and ridiculous work ethic is a good reminder to put in the hours and keep it human.

And, this one isn’t a link, but going to the library is always a good idea. Something about the smell of all of those old books makes us at least 10% smarter for the rest of the day.

Each week we feature one person bringing artistry or beauty into the world through strong inner perspective.

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See you at the library,