Harmony, featuring Kristi Head of LITE+CYCLE

The beauty of nature, shaped together by an artist's hands. This is  LITE+CYCLE .

The beauty of nature, shaped together by an artist's hands. This is LITE+CYCLE.

LITE+CYCLE crafts scents and homegoods that conjure elements from the natural world. Inspired by rhythms and patterns found in the wild, their work shapes nature into things that allow for a deep, harmonious human appreciation of nature's elegance.

Kristi Head, creator:

The world is a beautiful place, and LITE+CYCLE simply aims to remind of us of that—respecting our bodies and our environment by only using *truly* pure ethically grown ingredients. LITE+CYCLE reflects an appreciation for artistry by stripping down a highly commoditized product genre (candles) into something truly pure. By limiting the ingredient palette into only pure essential oils and clean natural waxes, the process becomes more challenging and unpredictable.The artistry is in the work.

LITE+CYCLE helps express my personal idea of the life well-lived in its stubbornness for good values, ethical standards, healthy living, honesty and refined, non-superfluous aesthetics. Every choice I have made in creating this collection has been a present and conscious one, and that is all I need for a well-lived life.

Her perspective from: 

— I am a voyer of innovation and high intellect, especially that which is challenging for me to grasp. http://www.selfassemblylab.net/index.php

— I don’t surf the web often and when I do I find myself here because there is endless inspiration  https://www.brainpickings.org/

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