Reduction, with Stephen Tracy of Keap

A sculptor's hands working through mud and excess, uncovering only what needs to remain. This is  Keap . 

A sculptor's hands working through mud and excess, uncovering only what needs to remain. This is Keap

Keap is a small candle company built the on principles of minimalist design. With their sensibility for engineering just what's necessary, and through a partnership with SolarAid to distribute solar lamps to families in need, their work produces quality candles that live longer than the wick can burn.

Stephen Tracy, candlemaker:

At Keap we love candles because they are timeless, simple, and yet they have the power to transform any space into a home. We reflected the simple beauty of candles in our creative process through thoughtful reduction. So, instead of labels full of text, we use iconic designs that peel right off the glass making it simple to give the glass a second life as a whiskey tumbler or a vase. For our wax, we use a pure blend of coconut wax, with no dyes or additives—it's sustainable, clean-burning, and lasts longer than paraffin or soy wax. We think the result is a candle that through less, says more.


His perspective from: 

Public Supply

We love these guys for reviving a classic: the paper notebook. They producing beautifully designed notebooks, work with American artists, and using these sales to bring free art supplies to American schools. That's class.

Mr. Saturday Night

Mr. Saturday Night were inspired by the inclusive disco scene of NY in the 80s where everyone let go and found a welcoming smile on the dance floor. I first went to one of their parties just after I moved to NY and it was a seminal moment of finally feeling at home in this vast city. They also give 10% of their net profits to The Robin Hood foundation.


Ok, this one's a little different. Philosophically I take inspiration from dogs. They never have a bad day or seemed to be stressed out. When I'm feeling the chaos of NY I remind myself to "be more dog". Corgis specifically because they are dignified, yet remain unconventional, and playful. They remind me to never take myself too seriously.

There's a Keap launch Kickstarter running for just a couple more days, where you can get a Keap candle of your own at an early launch price:

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