Exclamation, featuring Samantha Rogers of Du Zen!

  A clear and articulate expression of strong inner vision—this is  Du Zen!

A clear and articulate expression of strong inner vision—this is Du Zen!

Du Zen! is a collection of thoughtfully crafted, Australian-made leather bags and accessories. The world they're building is full of passion for intelligent and playful design, attracting people who believe that when you've taken the time to uncover what you truly want to say, it's worth saying it loudly.

Samantha Rogers, designer, on the vision behind Du Zen!: 

Each Du Zen! bag is a punctuated moment in a moving world. A pause for exclamation. A reminder of life’s urgency.

It's important to question the status quo and not just take what you are given. At Du Zen! we like to create products that question and rethink how things have been done before and then encourage people to be playful and creative in a busy and ever connected world.

On adding artistry and beauty to the work:

The people that make Du Zen! are a rare breed of leather loving perfectionists who have spent many years honing their craft. How many of us get to say our creative side and our job are one in the same? This beauty shows in the process AND the end result. A bag is essentially 'unfinished' until you wear it in and make your beauty marks.

As an industrial designer by trade, I am basically programmed to constantly think about how the person will use and connect with the product you are making. Its a constant cycle of questions, trial, discovery and repeat:

"When would someone wear?"
"Where would someone wear this?"
"What different ways would they wear this?"

This thinking is at the core of Du Zen! product development. Functionality and playfulness are natural by-products. And making the bags ourselves in our workshop means we are able to have that instant connection with process, able to make changes as we go.


On the inspirations that shape the Du Zen! world:



Jaime Hayon: His affinity towards the decorative is playful and yet so zen like at the same time. Amazing!









Patricia Urquiola: She has this incredible ability to use materials in an unconventional way and re-conceptualise how everyday objects are used. 









Mariage Frères Tea: A memorable product experience showcasing the beauty of the process to its customers through nostalgia and theatrics.

Each issue we feature creative entrepreneurs bringing artistry and beauty into the world through strong inner perspective. The kind building amazing customer relationships around a shared vision of the life well-lived. 

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