Appreciation, with Marta Vargas of Deriva Paper

A guide for getting lost, a compass pointed inward. This is  Deriva .

A guide for getting lost, a compass pointed inward. This is Deriva.

Deriva is an annual print magazine devoted to urban wandering, each issue dedicated to a single city through stories, essays, and urban walks. Its pages are full of beautiful & inviting photography, encouraging deep use of the senses as one drifts through the world with eyes & mind wide open. Guided by ideas of dérive, the flâneur, and oasis, one leaves inspired not only to observe, but also to appreciate. 

Marta Vargas, founder & art director:

Deriva in itself is not adding beauty into the world, but I think that it is encouraging people to find beauty for themselves. We live in such a rush, which makes us constantly miss details in our surroundings – especially in the city because we take it for granted. But it only takes a little bit of time slowing down our pace, and we can find and feel extraordinary things born out of the ordinary. What truly makes me believe in this project is that it does not necessary encourage you to acquire things to be happy, but to just pay attention to what is already there.

Her perspective from: 

– Guy Debord’s studies on Psychogeography are what triggered my fascination in this field and the urge to do something with it, to share it with others.
– Wandering around the city with a cup of coffee, especially very early in the morning when the streets are empty, noticing how the city awakes, inspires me and makes me proud of this project
– Other independent publications like The GentlewomanThe Plant JournalApartamento and Intern are magazines that we usually browse through and share with each other in the team. It is inspiring to see what others are doing in terms of magazines that thematically differ from Deriva.

Each week we feature one person bringing artistry or beauty into the world through strong inner perspective.

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