Counterbalance with Haptic Lab

Haptic Lab designs quilts, kites, and furniture with details that invite touch and physical interaction. And perhaps in this way helps us find a sense of balance between digital obsessions and real-world experiences, a kind of home to where we might return when feeling just a bit lost. 

Emily Fischer, founder & architect:
Haptic Lab is how I explore ideas that counter the digitization of our lives. I'm obsessed with the sense of touch, with how things are made, and how we interact with our physical environments. I want to express humanness; I want people to feel embodied and connected to their environments through what I make, combining old craft technologies with modern tools and resources.

Her inner perspective from:
Pre-internet DIY culture and 1970s futurist design collectives like Ant Farm. I'm excited by ideas of radical self-reliance, motivated by the fact that I think the world is entering a human-created mass extinction event. I'm reading a lot of Elizabeth Kolbert and getting mega bummed out. It's September and 90 degrees farenheit in New York. 

Ant Farm - Inflatocookbook
MOMA: The Whole Earth Catalog
Buckminster Fuller

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