Why We're Here

Our generation is full of ambitious people with creative aspirations. The brands and ventures we support are those with vision. We seek meaningful work that embodies a sense of artistry and authenticity.

But the creative path is never clear and the landscape is always changing. Anything worth doing is always disorienting. Those in the pursuit of creative work face constant uncertainty.

Composure is a brand for those who embrace artistry through creative, independent, meaningful work. We believe in navigating uncertainty by developing strong inner vision. If we articulate that vision well, we can make beautiful things. Honestly, everything else is a distraction. 

Our Practice

Many people in the Composure world are doing the work to build that vision now; our short newsletter features these uncommon creative endeavors and the influences behind them. It's a weekly ritual, celebrating perspectives that allow one to find & stay the creative path. 

Our Products

Others of us simply want to see more beautiful things in the world. Scarves and accessories are a way to make beautiful reminders more visible. They allow for a moment of reflection as we put them on each day. Ours are made and worn to remember the people in our lives with perspectives worth emulating; each scarf comes with their stories, which you can find here. 

There is no such thing as work-life balance; everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.
— Alain de Botton
 5% of each Composure purchase goes to the MIT Dalai Lama Center For Ethics & Transformative Values.  Learn more

5% of each Composure purchase goes to the MIT Dalai Lama Center For Ethics & Transformative Values. Learn more

Kyle Studstill, Designer

I spent 2009-2014 as an innovation consultant—my job was to track and study the most creative businesses, startups, tools, and technologies, in an attempt to help big and well-known brands keep up. What I learned is that all the most innovative tools in the world are useless without the mindset required to use them properly.

Alongside a couple of partners I produced Makeway: an interactive documentary about this radical new generation of creative entrepreneurs, and how they're building businesses that compete on incredible scales thanks to strong customer relationships. They've been thriving in industries where traditional (and now-bewildered) corporate brands are crumbling. Having earned recognition for our work in publications like Fast Company and Monocle, I began to consider Makeway a graduate thesis in the theory of what we called "artisanal innovation." Composure is the real-world application.  

Not insignificant is the fact that I grew up with a virtuous and encouraging mother who taught me to sew. Composure is a place for me to hone and practice a craft of my own.